2012 ADRL Tour

In 2012, the newly restructured American Drag Racing League needed a way to produce and deliver live coverage of its ten national events to motorsports enthusiasts across the globe and TYRANT was called upon to meet the demand.

– Production –

TYRANT put the action from the racetrack in the hands of fans all of the world with complete video coverage of each two-day event.

Along with a full production crew, TYRANT used eight HD cameras, aerial footage, point-of-view and remote cameras to bring viewers qualifying and race-day eliminations, winners circle ceremony interviews, and behind the scenes drama.

– Delivery –

Keeping a budget in mind, the ADRL needed a way to deliver the live and recorded video coverage free to fans without external advertisements. Up for the challenge, TYRANT developed a strategy that would exceed all expectations by not only reducing costs, but generating opportunities for additional revenue.


ADRLtv - TYRANT established ADRLtv, an Internet TV channel that would give enthusiasts the ability to catch every second of action no matter where they were.

Live Coverage - Each event involved 20-25 hours of live video which TYRANT delivered to ADRLtv through its Mobile Satellite System. ADRLtv allowed viewers to follow the race through a streamlined, interactive interface which included a chat as well as real-time results and statistics that could be shared with friends through various social networking outlets.

On-Demand Content - Following events, TYRANT would produce and publish full 1080HD race recaps, highlights, personality segments and other behind the scenes action which fans could watch at their leisure. Through ADRLtv, users had the ability to search and find videos related to specific events, drivers, classes and subject matter.

– Results –

At the end of the 2012 ADRL Tour, the series enjoyed the most exposure it has ever received. TYRANT’s coverage generated enormous publicity on television, print, web, and social networks all over the world.

Several productions went viral and led series participants to multiple appearances on networks such as Fox News, CBS and ABC on shows such as Fox and Friends, The Anderson Cooper Show, Caught on Camera and more.

Fun Facts

All of the American Drag Racing League's expectations were exceeded with millions of video views and over 4,000,000+ hours of engagement.


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