Tim McAmis Race Cars wanted to extend its manufacturing and performance product division and TYRANT was enlisted to transform the brand.

– Background –

With a twenty year history, Tim McAmis Race Cars (TMRC) has become an industry leading, internationally-known creator of high-end drag racing vehicles and components.

The expansion to new, larger markets made it necessary for the manufacturing and sales division of TMRC, Tim McAmis Performance Parts (TMPP) to develop its own identity. TYRANT was selected to better establish Tim McAmis Performance Parts as an individual brand.




The strategy would begin with cultivating a new look and message for the company followed by an updated online presence. With a consistent support structure in place, TYRANT would begin a targeted media campaign consisting of original video content, publication partnerships, traditional advertising and a substantial social presence.


Branding & Design

TMPP wanted an updated look with colors and textures that reflected the business. Metal and Carbon Fiber made for the perfect solution as most of their products consist heavily of these materials.

After the branding elements were established, it was time to carry out the look on to TMPP’s vehicles, apparel, signage, promotional material, administrative tools and various objects.



The TMPP product line contains over 2,000 items and continues to grow each week. TYRANT was responsible for photographing and writing copy for the entire line which was a massive undertaking in itself.

TMRC Images

All photographs were to be shot on white for a consistent look and ranged from small bolts to full-sized cars. The vast difference in size and finishes presented minor challenges at times.

Writing copy for the 2,000-plus items was no different. Products such as nuts and bolts needed little description while items such as carbon fiber wings or bodies required highly detailed information.

TMRC Images

The Site

TYRANT would take TMRC’s existing website and online store and develop a new platform focused on Tim McAmis Performance Parts.

The in-depth website would provide customers with access to an expanded online inventory with an easy to use store. Additionally, users would find detailed product and technical information as well as the ability to download and share TMPP content and media.

An effective website is continually updated, so TYRANT constructed the TMPP site with a content management system that allowed TMPP employees to instantly add content and keep up with inventory within the online store.



Using the wealth of photos and material generated for the website,
it was time to create a new catalog for the company.

Even though the world has gone digital, there is still no replacement for the excitement one senses when thumbing through a new edition printed magazine.

TMRC Catalog

Using a Staccato printing process gave customers a vibrant, high definition look at the latest products and innovations that Tim McAmis Performance Parts has to offer.

–With more than 100 pages, this would be TMPP largest and most informative catalog to date.–

TMRC Catalog


The next step was to launch TMRCtv which gave the company the ability to reach customers with entertaining and informative content produced by TYRANT.

Press & Advertising

TYRANT worked with industry media to create original editorials and feature content published on a wide variety of platforms.

When seeking help with DIY projects, consumers would find technical and instructional features where TMPP provided insight while educating readers about the company and its products.

The messages were compounded with strategic, targeted advertisements that directed the recently informed to the company’s online store.

TMRC Advertising

Social Media

In addition to common social media platforms, TYRANT worked with TMPP to become involved with online communities and forums with membership consisting of its customer base. Supporting the community and assisting members with their needs would create a unique connection between customers and the company.

TMRC Social
TMRC Social

Trackside Support

The Trackside Support program was developed to assist customers at events with a state-of-the-art mobile fabrication and performance shop while having a direct platform to feature and display products. The exceptional service and face-to-face interaction helped to established brand loyalty while making the company more recognizable.

TMRC Trackside